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Welcome To The Beautiful World Of China

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Hello Tourists!!!!!

Red Rose, Spinning

Welcome to the beautiful country China or should I say world. China is unique and definitely a land of cultural and geographic schisms. My name is Porche' Ward, and I will be your tour guide for the remainder of your trip, I along with you will be taking this trip. This is my third time being a tour guide for China. Upon visiting China in high school on a class trip, I knew at that point that I would not want to leave. As a result I decided to further my education in reference to gaining more knowledge on the environment, lifestyle, and culture of China. After spending a year in the country I felt there was a need for me to be here in order to be able to further educate tourists about the variety of enhancements and different technologies that tend to be available across the globe. 


Chinese Temple

Chinese Temple

Chinese Garden

China Garden

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